In pursuit of our objectives, Pacific Foods is:

  • focused on innovation, creative thinking and dynamic solutions.

  • dedicated to the customers.

  • striving to exceed expectation of consumers, farmers and all other stakeholders.

  • contributing to the advancement and improvement of farmers associated with us.

  • meet the needs of the present while preserving the wellbeing of future.


Our highly advanced infrastructural facility laced with all the necessary machinery and equipment, help us in the attainment of several of the firm’s predefined goals and objectives. The facility is regularly upgraded which facilitates the maximization of our presence in the market. To manage the firm’s operations, in a manner, which is smooth, efficient and effective, we have parted the facility into a highly operational unit.

Raw Material

Only the best lot/s from the surplus of raw materials is being selected for further production process where the raw materials is stored, peeled, primary skin removed, primary washed, secondary skin removed, secondary washed, sliced, air dried, graded, sorted, weighed, packed and stored under favourable conditions.